1/108 of What Will Be

excite your spirit RUMI

So here I am on the new path of reawakening the yogi within. I’m feeling a little bushwhacked by weight, and out of focus due to a sabbatical schedule without form, so this seems like a good place to springboard back in to what i really want for my future.  And what do I want for my future…

I recently sent my daughter an article from Elephant Journal entitled “How to De-stress During Finals Week (Sex, Yoga, Meditation, Health, Exercise).” The article by Lindsey Block (see link at bottom), puts it really simply and kind of in survival terms.  Basic needs seems to be the focus and desires appear to met with clearer mind and greater attention.  Hell yeah…that’s what I want and I’m going for it starting today. There was something in there about “organize” as well but I think if I can master the magic 5 than I will be pretty damn well organized.  So I have renamed Lindsey’s Article “Get Clean and Feel Great in 108 Days”. So I kicked this first day off with thinking about how i was going to stay on track.  The 108 days of yoga asks the yogi to practice asana 4 times a week and add meditation, yoga study or community service on days off from asana.  There is also a practice of giving up a vice during the 108 days in order to break an unhealthy habit.  This all appears fine and well but trying to decide on the vice is challenging when I feel as though many exist in my sabbatical life.  My choices range from too much time spent on the computer socializing, drinking lots of wine & eating way too much sugar and …. so many more.

So this is what my plan looks like on Day 1 and with WPress I am hoping I can stay honest> Today I practiced asana w/Tara Stiles video 50 minutes.  I will avoid sugary sweets for 108 days (weep, weep).  This is 1/108 of what it will be.