2/108 of What Will Be

As I march in to day 2 of my 108 day yoga practice I am feeling strong and confident that I will finish this.  Getting up this morning I immediately dressed for a walk along the beach walking path and got my mat & computer ready for a 30 minute yoga routine when I returned. The sun was shining and it was easy to get out the door and greet the Basque community taking in the sun on this May 1, Labor Day holiday.  Walking is always so much easier when the weather is good and I found my 3 miles easily accomplished in 45 minutes.

Strength is something I want to establish in my body again so I opted for this video by Tara Stiles> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2y3CQP8dk8 . In the video she is often saying things like, “Even if it’s difficult stick with it because it’s in those difficult moments that we find and build our strength”.  Yep, I’m going to be thinking about that a lot today and my intention is to even use it as my yoga journal focus for the next week. Thanks Tara!


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