4/108 of What Will Be

4/108 of What Will Be



As I think back to 1/108 I am reminded of my 5 goals of sex, yoga, meditation, health, exercise.  Remember when I said there was a sixth goal, organization suggested by writer Lindsey Block the Elephant Journal writer.  Well I was right, in order to achieve the yoga and meditation I first need to be organized.  If I wake up to my fitness clothes and mat right next to me, I get myself moving.  You would think that after raising 4 kids  I may have stumbled across this simple tip moons ago, but alas, no.  So today I did in fact rise to my organized pile and quickly put my gear on.  I went to the window and saw the fog and rain  and this time I smiled back with a bit of a laugh.  The weather can not knock me off my mat. For Christ sake,  I’ve been a kids yoga instructor for the past 10 years in the brutally cold state of Vermont.  I know I can show up to my mat If I have shown up to a studio full of  elementary students following long dark days sitting in classrooms with little or no exercise.  We all feel so much better after moving, laughing, sweating, breathing and refueling.  Todays practice is dedicated to my young students and their parents who have organized their lives to come to yoga and join me in the celebration of yoga.


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