16/108 of What Will Be

When you grow up and (maybe) start having a family of your own, it’s often you find yourself in awe and amazement of those who actually raised you.  There is rarely a day that goes by that I do not feel blessed as a parent, or cursed during some of the teenage angst moments. But most days I find myself pausing just to remember, someone did this for me once. The person who raised me witnessed and participated in my growing up to who I am to this point.  Even though that person is no longer in my daily life, they are still alive and still have the little bit of worry and joy that they probably had when I was in the early throws of the journey.  I am now in the in/between time.  Some of my kids are still at home, some of my kids are on their own, and my parents are aging gracefully and visit us once or twice a year.  No matter what stage of life we are in the place we find ourselves is humbling.  As child, caregiver, nurturer or self.  I am in awe!Image


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