29/108 of What Will Be

ImageMost days I move full force ahead with a few steps back.  Then there are those occasional side stepping days.  The side stepping days mean maybe I haven’t made the progress forward but I have been able to gain more or better support to get ahead.  Today I did an asana practice by Jo Tastula called Side Winder Flow on YogaGlo.  Concentrating on lengthening your side body and expanding the breath into the ribs to reach deeper spaces really affords me more breath.  With fuller and deeper breath I can stay more comfortably in the here and now, and in a way kind of pause to receive more.  Today I have decided to take a trip to see one of my kids who has really been suffering physically and emotionally.  I need to have strength to support this beautiful soul, and remain steady as long as it takes to help move the body forward again. I would probably have sunk deeper into wallowing sadness had it not been for my steady yoga practice and belief that the majority of humanity is good.  

May the light in me shine, may the light in you shine, may the light in the whole world shine. Namaste.


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