30/108 of What Will Be


The aging process is a wild ride in hormonal change, just so you know.  Craving sweets, crying at the creative brilliance of TV commercials, and zits, again!  Who knew?  Only the generations of elderly folk before you, that’s who.  Damn those senior citizens for not giving you the blow by blow, or is the forgetful parts of their brains we have to thank.  Topping the list of  information forgetting to get passed down to me is that my belly would join my boobs in the submission to gravity. Geez!  As my English language learning students wanted to know the other day…WTF!  As I explained to my students that it is in fact better to tell yourself “WTF” and not proclaim it to the world, I whole heartily surrender to vocalization when the information can help others.  So people, listen up.  Someday when you are in the throws of mid life and maybe you have been a bit lax about the amount of control you’ve had over your (insert food of choice) cravings, and the amount of dedicated time to exercise dwindles, well add those two together and you may be hit in the lips by your belly my friend, most noticeably  as you work your way into downward facing dog or plow pose.  Just saying, and you are welcome for this little piece of enlightenment.


My asana practice today was Jo Tastula’s YogaGlo class @ http://www.yogaglo.com/online-class-611-Intermediate-Yoga-Flow-for-Core-and-Upper-Body-Strength.html


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