37/108 Of What Will Be

ImageThe information that arises as one sits in meditation is extraordinary. The desire I have to understood more about how it works, and then be able to offer that to my young yoga students, will surely be a major part of my 108 days of yoga immersion.  This morning as I practiced asana in an attempt to empty my physical body and prepare for meditation, my thoughts became quickly focused and centered.  There was however a reoccurring thought, how to balance the effort of strength & relaxation in the poses. As I moved from pose to pose I really considered this “tuning in” I was doing to be the infamous beginner student mind (I have only been practicing for 16 years after all).

As I completed my asana flow I moved in to seated meditation and the thought of effort still lingered.  The irony of this was, I was so relaxed.  As I came out of meditation I began to understand.  Life requires effort.  Even as we breath, our breath is still moving the physical body in a sustaining effort to keep our vital organs healthy.  Our emotions and desires drive many of our efforts, but relaxation does as well. In my own teaching and in the thousands of classes I have attended there is a common mantra that goes something like, “let go of your attachment to breathing and let the body breath you”.  I may be late to the game for I finally understand, their is a power over me that can actually take the weight of my mental effort away and all I need to do is trust and relax in the higher power, no effort required. 

The photo above is one I took on a recent trip to the UK.  I love the balance of the hard and the soft.  The seemingly contained bars around the flowers give the wildness of the flowers a form to be kept within.  How ironic that we plant nature and than provide perimeters for which it is to abide by.   If we trust, how far would it flourish on it’s own.


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