38/108 of What Will Be

ImageMany times this month I have been put in the drivers seat, so to speak, of showing folks around my sabbatical city.  Yesterday I actually drove!  The first time in 10 months and a standard car no less.  Most of my touring with company has required no more than a metro or bus ride, or a very sweet husband physically behind the wheel. Yesterday, I faced a huge personal fear as I physically got behind the wheel and drove through windy hilly streets, highways and byways, and even through a raging summer thunder and lightning storm.  And you know what, everyone survived, no one was injured, and the rental car even made back without a scratch or dent.  Those things I think of being as great fears are really just minor stepping stones to becoming whole.  I appreciate the fear factor, for it keeps my heart racing and my spirit alive.  Now to go kick out some boat poses and build core strength to face my next fear, surfing.


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