39/108 of What Will Be


“Once a year, go places you’ve never been before.”- Dalai Lama

The road to compassion is built on love, humility and grace.  These three characteristics are not easily acquired and just like fear they can be manipulated by surroundings, teachings, and experiences.  It takes effort and willingness to incorporate them into a life and yet the benefits of doing so are so enriching and calming to the spirit. There are so many opportunities to separate ourselves by differences, but it takes guts to unite us by seeing through those differences and realizing our common factor, humanity.

My asana practice today focused on the profit we can make spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically when we spend time on our mats.

Let Your practice Empower Your Path, by Darren Rhodes on YogaGlo.

(The photo is by me in the OMA Forest of Basque Country, Norther Spain)


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