41/108 of What Will Be

ImageDevotion to a higher being elevates acts of courage, trust & faith for me.  As I come to my asana practice, and even come up against difficult or questionable situations in my life, I often have to rely on one or more of these traits.  The willingness to allow these traits to come in to play is grounded in devotion.  I have become devoted to my inner voice and a higher being. It takes some practice not to always fight back or use my inner fire to assume I know best. When I have the courage to trust in a higher power I am often led to a better place.  The higher power for me has no gender, no form or name but is the essence of compassion, humility and grace.

Asana with Marc Holzman on YogaGlo…http://www.yogaglo.com/online-class-339-Strong-Flow-to-Explore-Devotion.html


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