45/108 of What Will Be

ImageToday’s asana practice by Darren Rhodes on YogaGlo.com entitled “Steadiness & Perspective” (http://www.yogaglo.com/online-class-1949-Steadiness–Perspective.html,) combined with an incredible morning of kayaking down the ocean channels of Plentzia, Spain has made me more aware of greeting the unknown with an open mind.  Both things required the strength of even and full breath work.  Both things required a steadiness of mind so as not to get caught up in expectations or thrown off balance because of new directions or instruction. It was a very fulfilling day in giving over to the natural balance of life when the unknown lies in front you and because of it I was able to move with the two qualities I mentioned yesterday, calm and patience.  

The above photo was taken by me in Laredo, Spain on June 15, 2013.  The weather in Northern Spain has been rainy and wet since January of this year.  We have had just a few  days of full sun, and as you can see by this photo, even this day we were not spared of afternoon showers. Laredo is a gorgeous beach town full of modern condominiums but with a sweet old town and beautiful walks through the hills towards the sea.  The day we were here there were lots of para gliders and an Ironman Triathlon at the port. I highly recommend a visit.  From Bilbao you can take a bus that is 6 Euro and takes 50 minutes.

The photo below was taken by me today in Plentzia, Spain as we kayaked through the buoyed fishing boats.




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