47/108 of What Will Be


The practice of yoga makes me feel incredibly bright and beautiful.  Even if for just the time I am on my mat or sharing a genuine and heartfelt moment with someone, if I have yoga in my life I am my best self.  Yoga to me is the meeting of the hard and the soft, the body and the mind, and bringing the balance in to a full alive wakening.  Practicing in the morning is a gift for the whole day as it kick starts the opportunity for possibilities that lie ahead. 

My asana practice today was this beautiful sequence that I hope to revisit again and again.  Jo Tastula’s early morning practice @ http://www.yogaglo.com/video_2383_l.html

I took the above photo in the town of Vitoria, Spain last week 6/6/2013.  A gorgeous blooming weed was growing in the gutter of the wall surrounding the old city.  It was full of shri!  Vitoria is the capitol of the Basque region and the old town is worth an overnight.  The public murals, old cathedrals, history and people are all enchanting for both the old and young, modernist and historian.


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