51/108 of What Will Be

ImageThe humidity is so great today that I am reminded of a yoga teacher who once instructed his students to employ the humidity to open up even further into it’s embrace.  As if humidity were a blanket ready to catch you as you fall, relax or settle.  My brain’s muscle memory reminds me of being here before and the words that were so powerful, they were never lost.  The skin feels and the eyes see this familiar place, and the mind recalls the rest. Our physical and emotional bodies are so much more intelligent than we completely understand and for that reason I am grateful to always be astounded. 

The above photo was taken by me in Getxo, Spain.  It is an open window leading to a brick wall.  Some days just feel like that.  My asana practice today was a core flow from Tiffany Cruikshank on YogaGlo, ( http://www.yogaglo.com/teacher-53-Tiffany-Cruikshank.html ).


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