31, 32, …..35/108 of What Will Be


Did you ever happen to notice that if you slow down and pay attention things will all of a sudden come in to alignment?  it’s so cool!  

These past 4 days I needed to go to care for one of my children and I needed to put my 108 days of yoga immersion on hold.  What I didn’t realize was, I wasn’t really doing that.  As I made my way through various flights, buses and lots and lots of walking towards my destination I put in to effect all that I had been practicing in the last 30 days.  I started slowing my thoughts down.  I began to breath deeper to stay focused and come in tune with my task.  I was practicing and immersing myself in the glory of the habit that I had already started forming.  

The days I was away were quite different than I had planned in my head.  There was that yoga again…live in the here and now and stop forecasting what should and shouldn’t be…and the yoga was taking hold.  The conversations I had planned in my head that we would have, the walks and tears we would shed just didn’t happen. My  adult child just needed me to be near while healing through the nourishment of sleep and companionship. My child taught me the beauty again of being quiet with someone whom you love, even in the hardest and most challenging moments.  

It has taken me these last 24 hours of being home again to reflect on the strength of love and a genuine yogic lifestyle.  I sense these last 4 days will be an ongoing reflection for me and for that I am grateful to have had made the time.