22/108 of What Will Be

It’s day 22 of 108 days of yoga practice and study and I am dog tired.

The photo below is a dog sunning at a cafe in Plentzia, Spain that I took this week while showing guests around.  Seldom do you see a dog without an owner here so this one must belong to the shop/cafe.  I love this type of dog which is kind of terrier, kind of “annie”esque and ALL Basque.

ImageHaving guests and touring around is wearing me out.  It hasn’t helped either that the weather in northern Spain the last week has been rainy and cold.  I need lots of sun and some good relaxing days on the beach to reboot.  While I’m waiting for the weather God to answer that small wish I will take advantage of a good nights sleep, with a little help from my yoga fave Tara Stiles. 




21/108 of What Will Be



Some people are born fortunate in life and I count myself amongst that group.  I have been fortunate to have my basic needs met, have love and give love in my daily life, and be able to give back to a world that lives with far less of their basic needs met. The family I have created with my partner is fortunate to have the opportunity to travel on sabbatical for one year every 6th year.  We take full advantage of this opportunity and live very gently upon the places where we land.  I realize this more and more as we have guests who come to visit us.  On occasion we act as tour guides in our temporary surroundings. Our guests are only with us a week or 10 days at most.  During the time they are with us days are filled with explaining why things are what they are,  how things being different from what they are used to is to be celebrated, and encouraging them to take in the gifts of a new place instead of recreating a world back home.  It is trying at times to be the introducer of a culture that is not my own, but it is worth it to me to create a link between worlds that need to be gracefully accepting of one another.  The world is a huge place and the daily grind is exhausting.  But if we all just take a step forward quietly and with humility we may actually all learn something from each other.  Being on sabbatical for a year allows me to have many quiet and humbling days.

My asana practice today was a YogaGlo video by Sienna Sherman that focused on the “curiosity” of arm balances.  Curiosity is a great gift when you are living or traveling out of your comfort zone or to a culturally different place.  You may not even have to go further than your apartment or hotel room . Today as I got myself situated to practice in our living room, my father brought his noisy cereal to a table near me so he could see what I was doing.  His curiosity and loud chewing during my mat time was so maddening that I actually cut it short.  Even within a family it is important to remember the beauty of our differences and to be patient in order to bring the worlds a bit closer together.  Today was not a total success in this area but maybe by the time they fly home we will have more understanding of each other. LOVE!

5&6/108 of What Will Be


On the path of 108 days of yoga, 3/4 of the way through a sabbatical year in Spain and the weekend.  What do these things have in common?  The ability to slowdown and truly savor the glory of living.

I will post my weekends on one day so that I don’t have to interrupt the spontaneity that comes with venturing out to discover more of Northern Spain and locations that do not have wifi. Where are those places? The glorious cathedrals of Vitoria, the beautiful beaches and waves of Sopelana, lively streets of Puerto Viejo in Getxo and the camino of Santiago from France to Galicia.  This places is a walking meditation.  Health and wellness are the benefits of spending time here and absorbing the sights and flavors of the area.

Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a morning of watching our boys play rugby in a tourney in Vitoria, Spain.  As the games finished we realized we had an afternoon, 5 hours actually, of nothing planned.  Our boys, being exhausted from a morning of activity, begged to return home with their team.  As we waved them off and walked in to the old city   the realization of being on our own onan impromptu date brought huge grins to our faces.  The day was filled with strolling through the mural clad streets, stopping in at pintxo bars for a bite and a drink, and really savoring the hand holding and company of each others time.  There was no need for deep conversation or trying to figure out the schedule for the upcoming weeks and months.  Instead, the silence we shared in each others company, the pleasure of just being, was a gift.  It was the “living your yoga” practice that I so take to heart and where I find spiritual and emotional strength.

My asana practice this weekend included this video that I really liked if you just have 20minutes…….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyP_d7EdOY4