55/108 of What Will Be


This week has been gorgeous, sunny, and hot with soft ocean breezes in Getxo, Spain.  It’s one of those weeks that you reflect on the length of summer still ahead and how blessed you are to have so much light in your days and nights.  Swimming in the early evening followed by a dinner at dusk is just the way it flows during these days.  If one could just bottle it all up like a beautiful scent to uncork it again on those cold and dark  blustery winter nights would be such a treasure.  But alas this is why we work our memory muscle, breathing oxygen in slowly to take in the smells of salt water and orange flower, and savor the tastes of juicy watermelon and sangria.  We are living breathing creatures that need to participate in our health and well being in order to revisit those memories, and hopefully first hand accounts, again and again.

My asana practice today was sets of Sun Salutations through out the day to show gratitude to the endless summer sun.


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